On Personal 

Genuinely curious on wide range of subjects, this group of individuals is often characterized as ‘nonconformist’, constantly challenging widely accepted norms or taboo. Most of the time I am occupied with random thoughts, love to talk about stock market, technology, history & human mind. I hold steadfast to three core beliefs 1) Anti-Fragility, 2) State of Balance in every aspects of life, 3) No human’s actions are inherently malicious, they ultimately trace back to a yearning for love and attention.

On Relationship 

I have to unlearn many things before I am marginally qualified as a caring partner. Love, in its truest form, embodies selflessness, kindness, patience, and a sense of serenity and composure. I was quite the opposite when I was younger and first ventured into relationship, I’ve learned over the years that communication is the key, being honest in expressing my thoughts, and not concealing my ego and jealousy, has been crucial. It's important to understand that no one ever truly masters it, and there will be moments where we may falter, and that's perfectly normal. It’s the process that matters, not the ultimate destination.

On Family 

There are very few things in life that you don’t have a choice on, and family members fall into that category. You have the power to change almost everything else in other aspects in your life, but family members stay, until they are gone. It might actually be a good reminder to think that they will be gone sooner or later, because then I would deliberately choose to spend time with them, not taking it for granted and let it become one of my greatest regrets later. Memento Mori.

On Friendship 

Quality > quantity. A true friend is someone with whom there is no need for pretence or hiding. I have absolute control over who I want to be with. As the saying goes, "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." Though sometimes I have to constantly remind myself to not afraid to call them out if I spot something that goes out of the line. It’s equally crucial for me to strive to be a ‘friend of quality’. Friends of exceptional traits has the power to profoundly improve our lives.

On Work 

Work should always feels like play. I believe what we do at work should integrate with our personal life and not a clear separation, which aligns with our interest and ignite our ‘inner fire’. Ikigai is what I am striving for. I love thinking deeply about something which I can’t wrap my head around with. Programming at its core is about problem-solving, and it’s our creativity that fuels the process of creating the solutions. These solutions may initially appear as the ultimate answer, until you found a better one later and repeat the cycle again. How interesting!